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Rugged & Refined is a company for The People.


While all of these companies are struggling to roll with the new times, we are here to announce that this is a company for "The People", meaning, never have we ever benefitted off of the exploitation of anyone.


That includes, but definitely not limited to profiting off of slavery, child abusehuman traffickingmisogyny, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, mocking victims, victim blaming, substance abuse, public displays of violence, the new uprising in supporting Black businesses, and hiring more Black people, to save face, and other forms of abuse and exploitation that raises red flags to fund our brand.


  • 💥A lot of you really aren't aware of the backstory of these other retailers and banks in which you shop, and it is strongly advised that you find out.


To us, "All Lives Matter", is an over-talk to those "Black Lives Matter", "Trans Lives Matter", and "Indigenous Lives Matter" conversations, that are long overdue.

With the rise in technology and the quick access to information, history can no longer be Whitewashed and romanticized, and bastardized everywhere else. The People have a right to information.


We at Rugged & Refined will not stand silent about the injustices of the World and will stand with our fellow Brothers and Sisters of the human race.

Let this Declaration serve as a public statement that "We are one".